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The five-year integrated management plan (IPM) initiated by IIM is the first in India. This is a unique and creative program aimed at young students with management and leadership aspirations.

IPM targets students who have passed XII classes/high schools across India or equivalent schools. Mission: To train situation-related and responsible managers and leaders with world-class social science education foundation, followed by management education. Learning objectives: In view of the nature of the project, IPM learning objectives are divided into the first 3 years and the second two years.

A three-year program: IPM will allow students to: Demonstrate language skills, Demonstrate oral communication skills, Demonstrate basic subject knowledge of management research, Demonstrate moral understanding, Improve physical health, Learning goals for the past two years, Graduate students and IPM-level students and PGP courses in the past two years Of students communicate and study the same courses as the PGP course.

Therefore, the learning objectives for these two years are the same as the PGP course. These goals are: Let students understand the relevance of the business environment, cultivate social awareness, cultivate critical thinking skills, instill comprehensive thinking skills, promote interpersonal awareness and teamwork, and learn how to apply the basic principles of communication to write effective business information, case studies Proficiency in quantitative analysis and training business leaders with a deep understanding of ethics:

After completing the PGP course, you can serve as a marketing manager. You need to manage the company’s marketing process, including sales, advertising and promotion. The company’s products. You can also serve as CFO, whose responsibility is to control the company’s capital investment. After the PGP course is over, another important position that you can take up is the human resources manager. He or she manages the company’s workforce and therefore occupies one of the most important positions in the company.

MBA holders can also pursue many other positions. Therefore, the scope of the Indian PGP program is huge, extensive and very bright. Salary: The IIM placement of the PGP batch is usually carried out between February and July each year. The best IIMs provide candidates with an average salary range of 20-2.5 million rupees per year, while the newer IIMs have a salary range of 10-20 million rupees per year.

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