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Time 90 mins. The signature massage has been crafted by our specialists to cater to individual personal needs. The Thai-style signature massage relaxes the body, soothes the skin and improves the body’s circulatory system.

90 mins This full-body massage makes use of a fusion of different ayurvedic and international massage techniques.

Time 90 mins. A unique therapy aimed to balance and enhance the energy centers of the body by using volcanic stones. The stones are heated and applied on the skin using special strokes which soothe sore muscles, relieve muscle tension and balance the energy flow throughout the body.

Time 90 mins. The Aromatherapy massage focuses mainly on the cranial area, to stimulate the nerves, improve energy and blood circulation in head and shoulders. Using therapeutic blended oil as a lubricant, and rolling and pressing of warm herbal compress on particular points.

Time 60/90 mins. Carefully blended essential oils are applied on certain pressure points of the body to maintain and promote physical, psychological and spiritual well-being, resulting in a holistic experience.

Time 60/90 mins. This massage therapy focuses on deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is helpful for chronic tensions in areas such as stiff necks, low back tightness and sore shoulders.

Time 60 mins. Lymphatic drainage massage is a form of gentle massage that encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the body. This delightful massage improves circulation and flushes out toxins, which is beneficial for cellulite prone areas

Time 60/90 mins. Traditional Thai Massage, also known as passive yoga, combines gentle rocking and rhythmic compressions with targeted pressure points and assisted yoga stretches. The massage focuses on stretching the muscles and stimulating the natural flow of ‘sen sib’ or ten energy.

Time 30 mins. This Ayurvedic massage treatment focuses on the cranial area, to stimulate the nerves and improve energy and blood circulation in the head and shoulders. Using warm oil, this therapy nourishes, conditions, increases blood circulation and strengthens hair roots and the scalp.

Time 30 mins. A soothing massage specially designed to alleviate backaches and shoulder pains. This invigorating massage treatment helps to reduce fatigue and maintain the elasticity of muscle fibres. It helps to eliminate the tension and spasm from the muscles, improve circulation.

Time 30 mins. The art of reflexology applies medium pressure to specific points on the feet that correspond to the body’s vital organs. By stretching and manipulating the feet, reflexology corrects imbalances and gives a wonderful sense of relaxation to the most neglected part of our bodies.

Time 30 mins. This foot ritual is a combination of heating phase which is delivered through the synergy of strong actives and the revitalizing cooling power of the natural menthol that immediately gives an intense anti stress action with a refreshing and relaxing feeling.

Time 45 mins. Honey mixed with coffee bean scrub to detoxify, exfoliate, stimulate and refresh the entire body. Leaves your skin feeling velvety soft and smooth.

Time 45 mins. Coconuts have long been considered a versatile fruit rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Its nourishing oil and tender flesh makes this gentle scrub suitable for dry to normal skin.

Time 45 mins. Pamper your skin with deliciously rich chocolate which has antioxidant properties to help fight free radicals and remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin smooth, soft and glowing and basking in the aromas of chocolate for a purely enticing chocolate spa experience.

Time 45 mins. Bamboo & Charcoal helps get rid of dirt and debris. Skin feels super soft. Plus the ultra refreshing spicy aroma leaves you with an invigorated, clean feeling. Also slough away dead skin amazingly!

Time 45 mins. A luxuriant lightly grained body polish with Shea Butters to leave your skin silky and smooth. Also contains pure chamomile and clary sage essential oils. Milk and Honey – two heavenly perfume accords fused together to provide a perfect heart warming fragrance.

Time 45 mins. This body treatment combines polishes, scrubs, massage, wraps and masks into luxurious treatments that rejuvenate, detoxify, firm and re-hydrate the skin. It also eliminates dead skin cells, helps smooth skin roughness. refines skin texture and invigorates the entire body by activating

Time 60 mins. This facial works on the loose skin, fine lines and wrinkles treating all aspects of it by stimulating regeneration of cells by filling, lifting and firming. Also tightens pores for a refined, smooth and toned appearance.

Time 30 mins. Express facials cleanses, hydrate, heal, fortify and treat the skin effectively yet gently

A quick cleansing & Hydration boost using sheet masks in short amount of time while you get your foot rituals.

Traditional Thai Massage – Aromatherapy Oil massage/Deep Tissue – Herbal steam.

Time 2.5 hours. Scrub of your choice – A candlelit Aromatique Body Bliss Massage – Warm Oil Head Massage with Herbal Compress – Herbal Steam

Time 3 hours. Scrub of your choice – Aromatique Body Bliss Massage -Herbal Steam – Amber Signature.



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